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How to sell car on

So you can sell used , broken, damaged or second-hand car on our platform.

You can therefore expect a fair offer guaranteed within 24 hours. It is a quick and effective way to get rid of your car. Carito is your car buyer.

Do you want to sell your old car via Then in just a few steps you can:



Register your car for free and without any obligation on our platform by answering some questions and uploading photos.


Within 24 hours after registering your car, you will receive an offer from one of car buyers.


We make an appointment when it suits you. Our colleague will come by to view the car and if you agree. Car will be sold on the day itself.





You will receive the best offer on your car by email within 24 hours. This is a guaranteed offer from a car buyer.



Because the car buyers have no idea who is bidding on your car, you can be sure of a fair price!



We only work with professionals and recognized partners, so you can be sure of a professional handling of the car sale!

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€ 8.000

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€ 9.000

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€ 9.500

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Why customers choose

One reason our customers see as one of the best car sales sites, because of the ease and trust that prevails on our platform. Every offer is a guarantee of sale. You just have to accept the offer. And this is also what distinguishes us from the classic used car sites.

Would you like to know what is my car worth, a value of your car? How much is my car worth? At Carito you will receive a free quote for a resident.

The car buyers can no longer withdraw their offer, but on the other hand, you as a car seller are not obliged to accept their offer. You only proceed to sell when you feel comfortable with an offer and accept it. Because stands for security, convenience and trust.

So if you want to sell your car quickly, easily and at a reasonable price without hassle, our car sales site is definitely a good choice.

Sell your
car online quickly & without charges?

CARito - specialist in car sales!

Our Regional Network <br>of <span class="red">European Car Buyers</span>

Our Regional Network
of European Car Buyers

Our car buyers are active and come from different regions. This is also one of the reasons why you can be sure that your car will be sold at the right price with us.
Without the influence of regional price differences. Because if you sell your second-hand car in a region where demand is low, you will unfortunately have to forfeit in the price.
But region is not important at all on our platform. The buyers offer depending on the exact value of your car.
You can contact us for the following coutries: Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany.

Sell ​​your used or broken car without any worries

Selling your car online is the best way to get rid of your used car quickly. You can put a car for sale online for free via We are a car auction site where posting a free car ad is the first step of the sales process.
Everything is allowed and nothing is necessary at You can register your used car on our platform and sell your car for free via the internet by answering just a few questions. And add some photos. Advertising your car for free is not self-evident on every car classifieds site. That is why we like to emphasize on free car sales online. And thanks to, selling over the Internet has never been so quick and easy.

<span class="brown">Sell &ZeroWidthSpace;&ZeroWidthSpace;your used or broken car</span> without any worries
<span class="blue">Within 24 hours</span> an offer from a professional car buyer

Within 24 hours an offer from a professional car buyer

Via our auction platform you can immediately reach a lot of professionals who are interested in your car. These immediately start bidding against each other to take over your car. This guarantees a fair and worthy offer within 24 hours.
Does this mean that it really has to be that fast, and that you have to accept the highest offer? No, it is not! is completely non-binding, so you never have anything to lose. By the way, it's a good way to answer the question: "What's my car worth?"
Free car placement on the internet, without any risk and without additional costs! That's what stands for. So, try it soon! Easily sell your car with a free ad on our car auction site. Your car is registered on our platform in just a few steps.

Car sales are free and safe through online car auction

Your own car for sale? It sounds simple but it can be very difficult at times. Are you not waiting for strangers at your door who want to test drive or want to trade in a car? And what about the car papers?
Negotiating a price can sometimes be very difficult when your car has defects. Such as an expired car inspection or very high mileage can sometimes cause a lot of problems when you try to sell the car.

Car sales are free and safe through online car auction

What people say about us

We buy your used car, damage car to
end-of-life vehicle

Carito buys all car models of every year or manufacture. With or without damage, with or without inspection. You can also sell cars with broken engines or defects that cause high repair costs via

In order to be able to make a good offer on your car, we prefer to have some photos of the outside and inside in addition to the technical data of your car.